Everyone else got a blog, so I did. It’s mainly because I like the attention and people telling me how nice something I’m doing is. Also I love the sound of my own voice, so the sight of my own words seems like a lovely little substitute while I can’t find anyone else to talk to. At the moment I’m back at home in the middle of nowhere in a town-sized retirement villa so the type of people I’d normally use as vocal stress-balls are few and far between- hense the blog thing. I’m not really sure what a blog does or how anyone reading it is supposed to know it exists/care, so I’m going to do a poem now kthanxbai-

There’s a girl that I want, her name, it is Gina,

There’s a twinge in my pants every time that I’ve seen her,

The thought of our hips thrusting,

Which I’m sure she finds disgusting,

Gives me such erectile pleasure,

That if, indeed, you were to measure,

The amount of blood pumped to my cock

Every time she gave my head a knock,

And were to find the ratio betweenis,

The blood in my body and the blood in my penis,

It would be of the factor 1 to 1,

I should be dead, but this is so much fun,

So teasing are her magnificent breasts,

But I do not just care for her chest,

The way she owns me without a fight,

I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right,

I yearn all day for one soft, sweet kiss,

One awesome moment of teenage bliss,

Her hand snaking up my pantalon,

My denim jeans tenting with my raging hard-on,

But, alas, this will never come to pass,

And my pounding boner, it does not last,

For such an event would make me happy,

And such an occurrence is abhorrent to she,

I get hurt when I haven’t done anything wrong,

But, then again, she does turn me on,

So I allow her to own me once more,

And hopefully, one day, she’ll shag me raw.

A nice, concrete classic to start us off on, I think. Maybe continute posting poems or whatever until I get bored of blogging and just wander off. Or start doing uni work. Or get a girlfriend. I’m not really that sure. I’ll keep you posted.